Producing innovative security technologies to build a safer world.

The Crestridge Group™ is a leading innovator in security and integration technologies for lightweight multi-function systems. We develop affordable secure communications, sensors and robotics platforms. Our systems development approach allows us to innovate with unparalleled speed using cost effective techniques and enable the modernization of existing systems with enhanced readiness.


Our staff has over 100 years of experience in commercial
and DoD system development.


We utilize industry leading partners to provide best in class
technology and services in our system platforms.


We accommodate each customer’s unique requirements and
tailor our systems accordingly. Operational flexibility in contested


Operational flexibility in contested environments. Support for
short timelines, budget constraints, and changing requirements.


We deliver design to cost systems with operational
flexibility and cost efficient life cycle support.

Core Competencies

Multi-Function Systems

  • Secure Assured Communications including Dynamic Spectrum Access
  • Communications Technologies include Commercial Network Integration, Line of Sight, Beyond Line of Sight
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Tactically relevant electromagnetic Spectral Situational Awareness (Spectral SA)
  • Electromagnetic and Wired Cyber
  • Mobile Cyber Training Platforms

Highly Integrated Systems

  • Small Form Factor Solutions
  • Modernization of Existing Systems, security and functionality
  • Common System Architecture maximizes SW/HW reuse
  • Converged Capabilities Across Multiple Domains

Software Centric

  • Software Defined System Platform
  • Development and System Integration
  • Trusted Tactical Groups utilizing Tactical Key Management and dynamically configurable network security
  • TDevSecOps ingrained into our systems and business culture
  • AI Machine Learning for sensor data processing, predictive analytics, adaptive communications routing

Rapid Prototyping

  • Enabling Readiness and Modernization Through Advanced Manufacturing
  • Design Engineering with the end user in mind